Maker Space Classes

Maker Space Classes

Can be scheduled 1 on 1 for a specific project, technique, or skill.  Fee will vary based on time involved and tools needed.

For group classes a  minimum of 6 people must sign up.  A sign up list will be put up and when 6 people are on the list the class will be scheduled.  Classes will go for 2 hours and can be about anything.  Handouts or drawings will be given for each class and suggested reading material. 

Group class fee is $50 per person which includes scrap wood for practice, access to the makerspace, refreshments, and the tools needed to learn the skill requested.

Suggested topics for individual or group classes

  • terminology: cope/stick, rail/stile, story sticks, knife scales, jointer, orange peel, loose tenon, turning green, pommelle/waterfall/angel step, bench dogs...learn the lingo and talk the talk
  • designing and laying out a home workshop
  • identifying and picking out the best wood/materials  for your project
  • design and drawings before beginning a skill building project (project coordination)
  • hand tools:  what, when, and how
  • machine tools:  what, when, how, and safety
  • sharpening tools
  • handcut dovetails
  • mortise and tenon joints
  • soldering, inlaying
  • sanding and finishing
  • carving by hand/powertools
  • Greene/Greene, Maloof, Krenov, Nakashima, Stickley, Makintosh, and many more to learn about and draw inspiration from
  • make a natural edge cutting/cheese board
  • turn a pen or small bowl
  • to safely

Ideas for individual classes

  • make your own toolbox
  • remake the frame on a picture or mirror to match your theme
  • make a step stool
  • make an end table
  • make a coffee table
  • putting lights inside a cabinet
  • making a kitchen cabinet door and mounting it to a face frame with blum hinges
  • installing knife hinges for a jewelry box
  • basic veneering to advanced veneering
  • inlaying mother of pearl, abalone, silver, and contrasting woods
  • advanced veneering with bookmatching and face layups
  • turn a natural edge bowl

Small group extended/advanced class topics

  • build a workbench
  • make a jewelry box
  • make a mirror frame in the greene and greene style
  • make a piece from pottery barn
  • vacuum bagging
  • turn a large natural edge vessel/platter
  • turn a box
  • ornamental turning
  • creating custom moldings by hand
  • legacy ornamental mill
  • carve reliefs
  • carve figures in the european or american style
  • create a carbriole leg
  • carve a ball and claw foot

Tier Advancement

Taking a class will make you a member in the Sioux Falls Woodworking Guild/Makerspace for 1 month. 

Taking 3 classes in the same topic content will make you an associate of the guild and makerspace with a certificate of completion for each topic. 

Taking 6 separate classes on different topics will make you a fellow of the Guild/Makerspace.  1 year membership and 6 courses on the same topic will grant you a master certificate in the topic studied from the Guild/Makerspace. 

Collecting 6 courses in each topic and successful completion of 3 advanced projects that will be peer reviewed by the Guild/Makerspace will grant you a Master Woodworker certification with an emphasis on the topic areas that you completed your projects on.